A thoughtful article about Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator Development Blog

An opinion columnist named Philip Wythe has written a thoughtful article about Yandere Simulator: http://www.gamemoir.com/lgbt-gender/yandere-sim-abuse

I enjoyed the article. It was very eloquently written; Philip certainly has a way with words, and articulated his thoughts very well. He did a fine job of describing the game’s mechanics in a neutral and accurate way, demonstrating that he researched the game thoroughly before writing an article. That’s journalistic integrity! As you might expect, I didn’t agree with every word, but I certainly don’t think it’s a bad article. It’s his opinion, and he’s entitled to it.

I don’t think it can be said that Yandere Simulator “sanitizes” harassment, suicide, or sexual exploitation. The player is punished harshly for being caught performing unethical actions. If the player chooses to eliminate their rivals through bullying, the player will have to witness the psychological effects of bullying firsthand. The player is rewarded for taking panty…

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