E-mails, Volunteers, and Progress

Yandere Simulator Development Blog

It’s time to give you an update on Yandere Simulator’s progress!  This time, I had so much to say that I went over YouTube’s 15-minute limit, and had to make two videos!

These videos are quite unlike my previous videos in nature. These videos primarily focus on some problems that have been slowing down development of the game recently, and also address some comments that I hear dozens of times per day.

I hope that those two videos weren’t a downer! I had to spend a lot of time elaborating on negative subjects in order to thoroughly explain why I don’t have anything new to show off this week. Hopefully, those videos weren’t too whiny or depressing.

Now that I’m finally past the mountain of e-mails that prevented me from getting any work done over the past two weeks, I should be able to make some real progress on the…

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